What is The Network Marketplace?

The Network Marketplace is a conglomerate of men and women who are bridging the gap between Buyers and Sellers
of Bank REO's, Promissory Notes, Medium Term Notes (MTN's), Bank Guarantees (BG's), Letters of Credit (LOC's),
and Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC's) on a global front.

Our Executive Board consists of members from various walks of professional backgrounds. Our Founder and CEO, Dr.
Jim Claunch, is the CEO and President of FDP Sales International, LLC, a global marketing company.  

Dr. Claunch had a vision to bring together men and women worldwide who were tired of the same old things each and
every day.

Dr. Claunch envisioned a platform where major corporations, small business owners and the average person, could
own a piece of America.

That piece could be, Mortgage Promissory Notes (both performing and non-performing), Bank Owned Real Estate
(REO’s), Bank Guarantees (BG's), Medium Term Notes (MTN’s), Precious Metals, Fine Gemstones, Luxury Homes,
Large Acreage, World Class Hotels and so much more!

With this vision in tact, Dr. Claunch sought after the world’s top experts in their respective fields to form The Network
The Network Marketplace
"The Worldwide Bridge Between Qualified Buyers and Qualified Sellers!"
"The Worldwide Bridge Between Qualified Buyers and Qualified Sellers!"
Sound Investments US, LLC
Marketer of Bank REO's and Promissory Notes
for The Network Marketplace!
(Currently being revised and upgraded!)