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AD #11:

INSTRUMENT:                      Medium Term Notes
ISSUANCE:                           Top 25 West European Banks
TERM:                                   Ten (10) years and One (1) day
INTEREST:                           7.5% payable annually
CATEGORY:                         Slightly seasoned and issued
CURRENCY:                         USD
CONTRACT SIZE:                Five Hundred Billion , USD with R & E
FIRST TRANCHE:                Five Hundred Million plus
FURTHER TRANCHES:       Five Billion up to Fifty Billion                                                                    
INVOICE PRICE:                   Eighty-nine Percent (89%) or Better,  + one (1%) percent
COMMISSION/FEE:              1% shared equally between Buyer and Seller Sides consultants at ½% each side.
PAYMENT METHOD:           Buy Ticket
DELIVERY                             Electronic delivery and hard copy delivery by Special Bank Courier within Seven (7)             
                                              International Banking Days, thereafter
"The Worldwide Bridge Between Qualified Buyers and Qualified Sellers!"
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