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AD #5:


Mine is in Ghana.

These are LEGAL Stones.

For your information, Ghana was recently admitted back by the KIMBERLEY INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION
SCHEME to export rough diamond daily compared to the previous regulation of exporting rough diamonds once a month.

These are the prices for all our sawable rough diamond stones. Our prices and specifications have been listed for your
perusal. Can provide large and small quantities.

1.0 - 1.99 Color D - J, Clarity IF, VVS1,VVS2,VS1,SI1 Shape Sawable 1, Makable 1, Price $150 - $180 US Per Carat.

2.0 - 2.99 Color D - F Clarity IF, VVS1, and VVS2, Shape Sawable 1, Makable 1, Price $200 -$300 US per Carat .

3.0 - 3.99 Color D - J Clarity IF, VVS1, VVS2, Shape Sawable 1, Makable 1, Price $350 -$500.00 US per Carat .

4.0 - 4.99 Color D - H, Clarity IF, VVS1, VVS2, Shape Sawable 1, Makable 1, Price $650 -$750.00 US per Carat.

5.0 - 5.99 Color D - F, Clarity IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI, LG Shape, Sawable 1, Makable 1, Price $850 - $950 US
per Carat .

6.0 - 6.99 , D - I, Clarity IF, VVS1 VVS2, VSI, VS2, Shape Sawable 1, Makable 1, Price $1,000 -$1,150 US per Carat .

AD #6:


@ 88+1 (OR BETTER) ******** URGENT!!!!!! TAKE IT DOWN TODAY






AD #7:

Subject: MTN FOR PENSION FUND: NO POF (90+1 50B w/rolls & extensions  to $1T)

MTN 90+1, $50B w/ Rolls to $1T


Screen Block & Pay, No POF for Pension Fund

1. Buyer submit Pension Fund's Name

2. Seller verify buyer entity then issue FCO in Buyer's Name

3. Buyer signs the contract

4. Seller perform DD on Buyer

5. Upon Seller's request, Buyer will provide ERISA Number

6. Normal No POF SBP procedure

Pkg is sent in to our source and then seller will call buyer directly for ERISA

AD #8:

SPOT BUY.... $2B W/EXTENSIONS    10YEAR    5.368%   SALLIE MAE BONDS  @  92+1**

AD #9:


Buy/Sell (From very reliable source).

Other documents will be forwarded as needed.

The Seller requests that the Investor issues the draft LOI for the  purchase of the MTN's @ 55+1 and after positive Due
Diligence (usually within 24 hours) he will countersign the LOI and request the Investor to SWIFT a copy of a CD made
out to the Investor's name for the CASH VALUE of the first tranche, showing the Seller as the Beneficiary of the CD /
SWIFT, the Hard copies/ SKR of the CD remain in the Investors account.

With the countersigned LOI the Seller will confirm in a letter that he will exit the MTN for the Investor on his behalf and
transfer to the Investors account a 25% gross gain of the first tranche face value.

($500M Face Value = $125M gain.) An account in Private offshore banking can be arranged by the Seller for the
Investor, if required.

Note that the Investor does not take delivery of the MTN'S and and does not have to worry about a reliable exit Buyer,
they are securing the MTN contract with the CD and receiving a gain of 25% gross from each and every tranche, which
is not subject to any humanitarian project financing, it is purely gain from an investment and therefore up to the Investor
what he does with the gain.

If they want to Buy and hold the first $50B will be fine and then the seller will can exit the balance of $450B for them.

The Investor will pay 1% commission for the purchase and 1% commission for the exit to the consultants involved, the
second 1% FPA for the exit contract after the SWIFT delivery of the CD and the Seller's exit contract is issued to him.
So,The net gain for the Investor after fees, will be 23% of face value of each and every tranche after commission.

The CD will of course remain non-callable and will be returned to the Investor via SWIFT, one month prior to maturity.
This will be addressed by the Seller in his letter with the countersigned LOI, it is also addressed in the LOI.

A term sheet / tranche schedule is issued by the transacting bank and a copy is provided to the Investor so he can see
exactly every tranche time and delivery that takes place on the entire contract.

For a CD of $500M cash value, he can start with 2 contracts, the first contract would be $275M cash value and the
remaining 225M will be supplemented on the first tranche by $50M being held back from the first gain transfer in order to
realize the second $500B/$500M Contract.

AD #10:



1. Buyer signs this Letter of Intent with full banking coordinates, enlarged scanned copy of signatory passport. Seller
countersigns and returns the Letter of Intent, and this Letter of Intent becomes a Binding Contract.

2. Within two banking days Buyer shall send Swift MT 799 (verbiage attached) to Seller banking coordinate and send
courtesy copy of the Swift MT799 by email/fax to seller.

3. Upon satisfactory verification of SWIFT MT799 from buyer, Seller shall cause the Issuing bank to send the BG via
Swift MT760, full BANK CERTIFIED INVOICE providing and not limited to, CUSIP /Registration Numbers, ISIN, Term,
Text of Instruments, Denominations, Name(s) of Issuing Bank(s), Date of Issue, Date of Maturity, and all pertinent data
necessary for the Buyer's bank to authenticate and validate the data of the invoiced instrument including an official
covering letter from the Seller's bank to deliver the invoiced instruments.

4. Upon satisfactory verification of MT-760 and within Twenty Four (24) banking hours Buyer shall cause their bank to
issue the Swift MT103/Wire-Transfer in favor of the Seller.

5. Subsequently, Issuing bank shall send the hard copy original instrument as per Buyer Bank instructions or to Buyer
bank via bonded courier within Seven (7) banking days.

6. Transaction continues according to the agreed tranche schedule and procedures.

7. Both parties confirm that each is fully empowered, legally qualified and duly authorized to execute and deliver this
document, and to be bound by its terms and conditions.

Buyer's Obligations:

1. Buyer confirm under penalty of perjury when he/she signs the LOI and other agreements / documents that they are
aware of the financial facilities with his bank.

2. Further Buyer confirms under penalty of perjury that the Swift MT103 shall be issued within the specific time upon
receipt of Seller's MT760 copy. In the case of failure buyer will be liable for all expenses incurred by seller, the
transaction will be stopped immediately and the contract is breached.

Seller's Obligations:

1. Seller confirm under penalty of perjury when they countersign the LOI that they are aware of the commitment of

2. Seller confirm under penalty of perjury to deliver the instruments or arrange the negotiation to the provider who holds
or provides the instruments.

There will be no contact by either party to either bank without expressed written permission. Both parties may change
banking coordinates with written notice to the other party.

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