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Ad #2:

These instruments are available at the following pricing.


  •  Fresh Cut: 39+1

  •  Fresh Cut: 69+1

  •  Slightly Seasoned: 49+1

  •  Slightly Seasoned: 78+1

Ad #3:

65+1 Seasoned MTN Available

This paper requires a verifiable Proof of Funds UP FRONT (tear sheet or Bank Letter).

Subsequent tranches: To Be Agreed Upon

Purchase Mode: Euroclear screen, Verify, Block & Pay

Mode of Payment: Screen Payment or Electronic: SWIFT / FED WIRE

Mode of Delivery: Screening on Euroclear only, electronic or hard copy courier delivery within seven (7) international
banking days to be agreed-upon.

Mandatory Buy Back

The exit buyer will take ALL of the MTN's from each tranche with a 20 point spread, so the investor will earn 20% each
time he buys and immediately sells a tranche (that is 100M profit for each 500M tranche).

The exit is not through the seller; the exit contract will be issued simultaneously.

Commission Break Down

Since there is a mandatory buy back, the consultants get paid when the buyers buy and then when the Exit buyer buys
the consultants receive another commission pay out.

Break down of Paper

This paper is lodged with a hedge fund. And there is almost an unlimitless supply of paper available. Only limit being
how many contract that can be serviced at one time.

And since this paper is held by a fund there are no ISIN numbers and name of the fund to be given out before a
complete package.

Ad #4:


Colorado Coal Mine: $77B Value, being sold for 70+3. Sitting on 80 acres. Full appraisal available with NCND executed.
Direct to seller.

Copper: $1.7B Value, being sold for 70+3. Being held in Moscow Depository. Full appraisal available with NCND
executed. Direct to seller.

Large quantities of polished diamonds. Inquire for pricing. Direct to seller.

Emeralds and rubies in large quantities are available. Direct to seller.

Fresh Cut MTN's available in unlimited quanities at 47+1. Direct to platform. POF required.

Notes/Reos Unlimited Nationwide Quantities..Direct to seller. After MFPA is executed, BUYER, not mandate must be put
in direct contact with bank. There can only be 1 conference call with buyer mandate with this source and they will not
talk to 5 brokers on a conference call. Once MFPA is done, get out of the way and let the principals close the deal. Will
not work with long daisy chains.

[email protected]
Cautionary Notification: This is for your information only and is not to be construed as a solicitation for funds for or the sale of any securities. These
transactions are based on private placements and do not come under the governance of the SEC. These programs are not securities under the United
States Securities Act of 1933, or The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and Regulations thereto, or The Investment Company Act of 1940 and the Rules
& Regulations thereof. We are not registered with the SEC or NASD as financial advisors or dealers in securities per The Investment Advisers Act of
1940. This is merely for the informational purposes and the benefit of qualified accredited investors only.
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