Investment Process
Rule Number 1: You must be either the Buyer, Buyer's Agent, Seller, or Seller's Agent to
participate with The Network Marketplace! No "Daisy Chains" allowed!

Step 1) Click on the link below to download the Sound Investments US, LLC, NCND. Please print the NCND, sign and
date, and either fax back to: 309-215-0495, or email scanned document to:
[email protected].

Step 2) Obtain a dated, typewritten Letter of Intent (LOI) on the Buyer's company letterhead with an expiration date,
preferably valid for six weeks
, and signed by the Buyer. Please be as specific as possible describing exactly what the
Buyer wants to purchase, i.e.; REO, Notes, MTN's, BG's, LOC's, SBLC's, or commodities like gold, diamonds, emeralds,
and cement. Specify seasoned or not, new or not new, geographic location of REO/Notes by city, state, or region,
package size, etc.

Step 3) Negotiate Fee Agreement percentage amount with Sound Investments US, LLC. General guidelines are: The total
fee typically is 3-5% for deals under $100 million, and 1-2% for deals over $100 million and 1% for deals exceeding $1
billion dollars. The Buyer's Agent negotiates that fee with Sound Investments US, LLC. It is then paid to The Network
Marketplace (dba: FDP Sales International) and FDP Sales International has a Sub-Fee Agreement with the Buyer's Agent
to pay them their third out of the total fee percentage negotiated.

Fee Agreement Structure:

The fees are negotiable by the Buyer's Agent. The Network Marketplace will agree to pay the Buyer's Agent and the
Seller's Agent their third of the total fee percentage negotiated by the Buyer's Agent with Sound Investments US, LLC, in
the Fee Agreement which is located in the Investor Package.

There are usually three "buckets" in a transaction; the Buyer's Agent's bucket, the Intermediary Group bucket (The
Network Marketplace), and the Seller's Agent's bucket. The fee is split in thirds and then each group has Sub-Fee
Agreements with anyone in their bucket.

Step 4) Click on Investor REO / Notes Package link below to open Investor Package. Print Investor Package, completely
fill out, sign, date and email or fax along with the completed Letter of Intent (LOI) to Mac McWhirter at:

[email protected]
or fax to: 425-969-4989. Any questions or comments, can be directed to Mac
McWhirter at 800-503-9821, ext. 1003 or
[email protected]. (REO Order Form not required when
submitting Investor Package). Please fill out the MTN/BG Buyer's questionnaire if you are requesting MTN's/BG's.

Please be sure to include Sound Investments US, LLC, as The Network Marketplace referring member who referred you
to The Network Marketplace on your forms. This will ensure that Sound Investments US, LLC, is credited with your
investment application

Forms in the "Investor REO / Notes Package":

  • LOI Escrow Procedures
  • NCND (Non Circumvent / Non Disclosure Agreement)
  • Master Fee Agreement
  • Fee Addendum A (3-Way Fee Split Agreement)
  • Escrow Letter of Intent
  • Proof of Funds Authorization
  • Investor Profile Form
  • Notes Questionnaire
  • REO / Note Order Form
  • Additional "generic" 3-Way Fee Split Agreement
  • Referral Agent Agreement (For "Bird Dogs")

Step 5) Sound Investments US, LLC, will schedule a conference call with you, Dr. Jim Claunch, Founder of The Network
Marketplace, and Sound Investments US, LLC, to learn more about The Network Marketplace and discuss current
offerings of REO, Notes, MTN's, BG's, LOC's, SBLC's, and other commodities.

Step 6) Once the Investor Package is completed, signed, faxed or emailed, and received by The Network Marketplace,
the buyer will be contacted by The Network Marketplace to confirm the order request.

Step 7) Order request will be submitted directly to Sellers with matching product investment criteria.

Step 8) Seller will contact Buyer to verify Proof of Funds (POF) and tape will be created.

Step 9) Seller will contact Buyer once the tape is complete.

Step 10) Buyer conducts due diligence.

Step 11) Open Escrow.

Step 12) Finalize Transaction.

This is the basic simple process from start to finish.


Once your order form is put in the line it will be responded to in the order received regardless of the size of the order. As
we begin the process with you and your buyer, from start to finish, this will typically go no more than 16 days and usually
much less.

Days 1-5:

Paperwork is done to protect everyone and connect Buyer with Seller. Get the Portfolio (tape) of Notes/REO’s in the
hands of the Buyer as quickly as possible for their due diligence review and final decision.

Days 6-15:

Buyer’s time to decide to purchase. After the decision to buy, one more day to do closing, and then the money is wired to
Buyer’s Agent’s account.

SPEED and SIMPLICITY are our friends. What if all the paperwork could be done in two days, then the Buyer reviews
the portfolio for two days, and we close in one more day. That would be five days from start to finish, until the deal was
closed. Could that happen? Theoretically yes!

Thank you for deciding to place your order for R.E.O. Portfolios, Performing & Non-Performing Notes, or MTN Instruments
with The Network Marketplace.  Our team is prepared to assist you in this transaction from the initial order, to a
satisfactory closing.

We work directly with the banks to make sure that you are getting exactly what you are looking for at the price you want
and in a timely manner. Failure to provide all required information above can cause a delay in processing your request.
There are no exceptions in providing the necessary documentation as the banks (sellers) will not process any orders that
are incomplete.

Please feel free to contact us at
[email protected] or call 1-800-472-6479 (leave message) if you have
any additional questions or comments.

If you need immediate assistance, please call Mr. Scot L. Workman, President
/Founder & CEO, Sound Investments US,
LLC, on his direct line at 209-352-0253 or email
[email protected].
"The Worldwide Bridge Between Qualified Buyers and Qualified Sellers!"
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for The Network Marketplace!