There’s a Trick To Improving Your Mood—But You Probably Don’t Want To Do It

Conventional wisdom holds that mood and motivation supercede action: The better we feel and the more motivated we are, the more likely we are to act. While this is certainly true in a lot of situations, there are some situations in which it’s not. Sometimes when we are feeling down and ... Read & React

Government’s technology problems are as complex and difficult to address as any in the world. Agencies need to be able to hire the best. Howard Risher

Security Clearance Backlog Has Been a Decade in the Making

The government is good at self-reflection. Positive action is a little more difficult. A Government Accountability Office report released earlier this week offers a case in point. The report ... Read & React

Women With Postgrad Degrees Are More Likely to Report Experiencing Sex Discrimination at Work

by Leah Fessler

According to a new Pew Research Center study, 42% of working women in the US say they’ve faced gender discrimination at work. This discrimination includes experiences like earning less than male counterparts, being the target of sexual advances, receiving less support from leaders, and getting ... Read & React

The Debt Ceiling Is a Farce

by Richard F. Keevey

On Sept. 8, in what has become a Washington ritual, Congress increased the debt limit, essentially authorizing the federal government to pay its bills—for 90 days. The debt limit, also known as the debt ceiling, must be increased again. On Dec. 11, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin informed ... Read & React

The Best Compliment You Can Give, According To Meryl Streep

by Leah Fessler

Meryl Streep, known to many as the Queen of Hollywood, is no stranger to praise. She’s received more Academy Award nominations than any actor (20 in total), and three Oscars and eight Golden Globes under her belt. But according to Streep, there’s one compliment that’s been uniquely meaningful in ... Read & React

The Clock Is Ticking on Trump’s Management Agenda

by Stan Soloway President/CEO, Celero Strategies, LLC

We are now almost a year into the new administration, so it’s not really “new” anymore. Indeed, 11 months is a major chunk of time for any administration. I’ll leave it to others to debate the merits of various policy pronouncements during the last year, but one thing is clear: While better ... Read & React

A Short Equation Explains Why Simplicity Is The Best Policy

Let’s start with a quiz. If you have a machine with 200 parts, each of which operates independently and is 99% reliable, how reliable will the overall machine be? 95% ? 80%? 99%? Nope, nope, and nope. It’s somewhat shocking to learn that it’ll only be around 13% reliable, running just 13 hours ... Read & React

Data Shouldn't Drive All of Your Decisions

by Taddy Hall Senior Partner, Lippincott

When was the last time you heard the story of a great innovation begin with, “I built a killer spreadsheet”? More often you’ll hear stories like the one behind Airbnb’s early growth strategy. Founders Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky’s had in their early days been advised by Y-Combinator’s Paul ... Read & React

How Agencies Can Address the Aging Workforce Gap

by John Marinaro

Let this remarkable fact sink in: Nearly one-third of federal employees are eligible for retirement, yet only 28 percent of the current workforce is under 40 years old. How can this possibly work out? One out of every three people sitting at a desk in every government office across the country ... Read & React

How To Make Feedback a Developmental Opportunity

Many employees cringe at the thought of getting feedback from their manager. Who wouldn’t blame them? It tends to be overly critical, given with haste and without care, and confusing. So often, the feedback given is often useless to the receiver. Wouldn’t it be great if your feedback could have ... Read & React

The Annual Pay Ritual Has Lost Relevance

President Trump in the Oval Office Oct. 17.
by Howard Risher Workforce Management Consultant

Few seem to have noticed, but the Federal Salary Council has not met this year and new members have not been appointed. Last year, the council’s conclusions were reported by the media in October and its report was submitted to the President’s Pay Agent in December. That was somewhat later than ... Read & React