Eight Questions to Ask Yourself to Know If You’re In The Right Job

This question originally appeared on Quora: How do you determine if you are in the right job or not? Answer by Tami Rosen, VP of People at Quora. A mentor once told me that a quick way to know if you are in the right job is to count the number of good and bad days that you have at your current ... Read & React

Government’s technology problems are as complex and difficult to address as any in the world. Agencies need to be able to hire the best. Howard Risher

Obama’s Four Rules For Persuading People and Effecting Real Change

by Molly Rubin

Former president Barack Obama addressed 500 young leaders, entrepreneurs, and artists from 60 nations and 27 states at the inaugural Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago yesterday. During his ... Read & React

The Hiring Bias Toward Attractive People Is Way More Complicated Than We Thought

by Leah Fessler

A growing body of research suggests that conventionally attractive-looking people have it all: They go on more dates, are more likely to be elected to office, make more money, and are perceived as more likable and trustworthy. Perhaps most infuriating to the mere mortals in their offices, ... Read & React

A Program Providing Vital Data to Threatened Citizens Is Itself at Risk

Hurricane Harvey spawned torrential downpours that caused widespread flooding in Houston and much of eastern Texas.
by Kurt Allen

The 2017 hurricane season produced a number of epic storms. In just one week, we watched Harvey inundate the Houston area with floodwaters and Irma’s high winds and rain devastate large swaths of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, along with several Caribbean nations. Those storms were quickly ... Read & React

A Bit of Planning Can Help You Avoid Distractions and Do Your Best Creative Work

On New Years Day, without fail, John Grisham starts writing a new book. Five days a week, each morning at 7 a.m., he’s in the same room, sitting on the same chair, tapping away on his trusty computer, and most importantly, with the same cup of coffee. No beeps, pings, messaging, or internet for ... Read & React

The Houston Astros Proved the Power of Long-Term Thinking

George Springer and Marwin González celebrate after Springer's home run Thursday night.
by Oliver Staley

If the Houston Astros had been a publicly traded company, there’s a good chance they wouldn’t exist today. The Astros, who won their first World Series title on Thursday night were among the worst teams in baseball for years. Between 2011 and 2013 they lost more than 100 games in each 162-game ... Read & React

Proponents of Evidence-Based Policy Face a Critical Challenge

by John Kamensky Senior Fellow, IBM Center for the Business of Government

The recommendations by the recent Evidence-Based Policymaking Commission are a significant step towards creating a better supply of data for researchers and policymakers. But the next step is huge—getting people to use the data. The “use of data” step is complicated by two elements: Who will use ... Read & React

Low Morale Is Contagious

by Lee Daniel Kravetz

Several years ago, I was working on a team saddled with a pessimistic manager. He bullied and disparaged his employees and created a cold, unfriendly environment. When the supervisor went away on business, I experienced a palpable difference in the office. My co-workers and I were happier, ... Read & React

The Key to Managing Millenials is to Let Them Fail

by Jake Poses

I’m a millennial. And I’ve learned that if I want to work with the best people in my generation, I have to let them fall. That might sound cruel, but it’s exactly what millennials are asking for, and exactly how to succeed as a manager. Confident and ambitious millennials make great team ... Read & React

The Mistake Of Seeing Only Some Jobs As Creative

by Corinne Purtill

Before he was a MacArthur Fellow, or a Man Booker Prize recipient, or the person David Foster Wallace named the most exciting writer in America, George Saunders was a technical writer at Radian Corporation, crafting numbingly dull environmental impact statements that nobody read. He wrote his ... Read & React

A New Study Shows How Managers Can Double Employee Satisfaction and Trust

by Leah Fessler

Meditation retreats and free trail mix are nice, but what employees really want is less trendy, and less materialistic, than that. According to a new survey from the American Psychological Association, the top determinant of employee satisfaction and trust in their employer is the timeless ... Read & React